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Essential Oils and Weight Lose

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Who doesn’t want to be at a healthy weight?   No kidding most people do want to lose a few pounds.

I watched my husband Dr. Geiger use Essential Oils and saw his metabolism change before my eyes.

I decided to get going myself and see if it would change my metabolism like it has changed his. This blend was designed to help us manage our weight by curbing our appetites. So far so good, it’s working.  I will keep you posted on how much more weight I lose.

Having a few glasses of ice cold water with Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. blended 5 times a day is a refreshing and healthy way to get hydrated as well as changing ourselves from the inside out.  To use essential oils internally I only use Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

Message me for more information on these oils I use.



***Well since I posted this original post I can say that I’ve lost 7 pounds and kept it off using these oils and watching my carb intake with moderate exercise.









Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils.

Using Essential Oils In Your Home

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Using Essential Oils  In Your Home can be easy and become your way of taking charge and becoming more health conscious.

I have been using essential oils in my home for many years now on a daily basis.  They have made an enormous transformation to our health and wellness.

My education first came when I took a year long course by Jane Buckle Ph.D., RN.

I have continued my education since that time and I am continuing to learn more and to put these precious oils to work.   As I do this, I’m gaining more understanding about their potency, and the chemistry behind these wonderful oils.

The constituents in therapeutic grade essential oils are different from other oils.  These essential oils are pure without contaminants.  I choose these oils for myself, my family, and my friends for two reasons, one is for their quality, meaning potency, and the healing properties that cerified pure oils like Frankincense, Myrrh, Lavender, Lime and Lemon  have on our bodies.

Secondly you get what you pay for so the investment is well worth it, you are investing in your future for healthy aging by using certified pure essential oils.  Have you ever heard the phrase you get what you pay for.  Well that is exactly my point, that is why I choose to use certified pure essential oils for myself, my family, and my friends. Contact me @ for more information on how you can purchase these oils at wholesale prices.

Pure essential oils are very potent therefore you don’t need as much.  The benefits are too numerable to mention all at once.

I recommend the continued education of essential oils.  They have put me in charge of the varying complaints that go on in a household.

Here are a few suggestions: There are many more oils that can be used for these complaints, and I’m just naming a few.

**I use Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils to curb my appetite and help with my metabolism.

**Feed the Brain with these certified pure essential oils  Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus,

**Help your Respiratory system with these therapeutic grade oils: Laurel Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Eucalyptus Leaf/ Stem, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon Peel, Ravensara Leaf, Cardamom Seed essential oils.

Cleaning and Disinfecting with Essential oils…Use a couple of drops of lemon & melaleuca in a spray bottle to clean bathrooms and kitchens.

There are many uses and recipes for the use of essential oils.  I’m experimenting in the kitchen with oils like cinnamon and clove.   The holidays are coming and we can use these oils to spice up our traditional recipes or have new ones.

I make a Foaming Hand Wash and I use two tablespoons of Dr. Bonner’s unscented Castile Liquid Soap, one tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil and 10 drops of my favorite certified pure essential oils.

I suggest one to two drops of essential oils with  2 tablespoons of a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil this will be beneficial when applying them to the body.   These oils are very potent and more essential oil is not necessary.  It would be better to apply the therapeutic grade essential oils more frequently than to use too much at one time.  Essential oils safety is something I take very seriously.

When applying essential oils to large areas of the body, diluting them with a carrier oil is best so that they are gentle to the skin, the recommendation is to dilute the oils as follows 15%-30% carrier oil is suggested.

There are several ways to use them.  One of the fastest ways to absorb them is when they are applied to the feet because of the large pores.

For Infants dilute one to three drops of essential oils to one tablespoon of a carrier oil.  For Children 2-5 yrs of age one to three drops to one teaspoon of a carrier oil.  The application of these oils for Infants and Children should be on the feet, then add socks or to the back, as well as a diffuser.

One of my favorite ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them throughout the day in my home.

Please note these recommendations are for use with therapeutic grade essential oils.  Please use with caution and keep out of the reach of children.


Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils.

Easy Ways to Slim Down Fast In 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

These are proven ways that will slim you down in 2011.

Eat a minimum of 2 oz of protein for breakfast, and a minimum of 3 oz of protein for lunch and dinner.

Eat a minimum of 1/2 cup of veggies for breakfast (try no sugar added veggie juice), and a minimum of 2 cups of veggies for lunch and dinner.

If you find yourself still hungry after you’ve eaten this go back for seconds of veggies first and then the protein.

Eat whole grains like quinoa, organic brown rice, millet, barley

1  Use green leaf lettuce leaves instead of bread for your sandwiches

2 Eat two snacks a day; fresh berries or a Granny Smith green apple with 1 oz or 15 almonds, 1 oz or 15 walnuts or 1 cheese stick.

3 Switch to spaghetti squash instead of pasta

4 Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day

5 Use Appetite Tamer by the oilMD

6 Start your day with veggies and protein instead of starches

7 Cut your portions down

8 Eat only 3 servings of 1/2 cup of starch per day

9 Limit cheese to 1 to 2 oz per day (one cheese stick is an ounce)

10 Eat a 1/3- 1/2 cup serving of beans per day as part of your veggies (make your own or buy organic from your grocery store or Trader Joe’s.  Here beans are not added as a starch per day but instead a veggie.

11 Use no sugar added peanut butter and limit it to two tbsp per day

12 Use 2 tbsp of salad dressing per meal that has less than 2 grams of sugar, or make your own using organic apple cider vinegar, Spike, water and EVOO.

13 Skip the butter or margarine totally

14 Choose foods with NO added sugar

15 Fats: mayo 1 tbsp, 2 tbsp of salad dressing that has less than 2 grams of sugar,  1/4 avocado, and use organic PAM cooking spray or extra virgin olive oil

16 As a quick snack have air popped popcorn 3 cups per day (it is 1 of your 3 starches), or you can have up to 3 cups of plain fat free and sugar free yogurt. Add agave or Stevia with fresh berries and nuts to your yogurt for a delicious dessert

17 Do not eat any highly processed foods, white rice, white potatoes, ( use small red potatoes) white bread, white sugar or fructose corn syrup, aspartame or any laboratory chemical they say is sugar free.

18 Switch from unlimited sugar to 75 calories of a sweet treat per day. Use stevia  (no calories) as your sweetener or agave (2 tbs = 60 calories)

19 Keep adding organic foods into your diet until you are eating all or mostly organic