Finding Emotional Balance with Essential Oils


I’m feeling energized and excited about the emotional aromatherapy that is available through doTERRA.  They already had the emotional aromatherapy kit available but the newest addition just came out at the Sept 2017 convention in Salt Lake City.  These touch stainless steel roller balls go on so smooth and they give just the right amount of essential oil to the area you are rubbing.

I’m in love with the new doTERRA Jasmine Touch, Neroli Touch, and Rose Touch products.  They add to my emotional aromatherapy health regime.  Health is body, soul and spirit and these help get my mood elevated, the effects  I’ve seen help lift my mood, my self confidence and help me manage any anxiety in a positive way to get rid of it.

Today started out great, I love mornings.  I got a lot done on my Instagram posting, educating myself and working my business.  But it all started with the Jasmine Touch essential oil by doTERRA.

  • Because Jasmine has such an uplifting scent, using Jasmine Touch on our pulse points is the perfect way to uplift mood. Emotionally, Jasmine promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence. Applying Jasmine in the morning will help provide a positive outlook on the day and leave you feeling uplifted and confident.

These are the feelings I had, joy, peace, and self confidence.  I had a few opportunities to get frustrated and angry but I didn’t.  I kept my peace through some strange events, like having my website and my blog out of order, as if there wasn’t such a website or blog.  It’s ok now, it all worked out.  I’m happy too because I challenged myself today to use the Jasmine Touch throughout the day to see if it really did do what it says it can do.  For me it did that and more.

I recommend doTERRA’s Jasmine Touch. This is an example of Natural Health Solutions with essential oils.

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