How Fast Do Essential Oils Work

I get this question asked to me.  “How Fast Do Essential Oils Work” ?

First of all lets take a look at what are essential oils.  They are natural extracts from plants.  Plants have their own protection against the environment which is stored in the oil.  Most oils are steam extracted and steam distilled.  Depending on which plant will determine where they take the oil from.  The bark, leaves, resin, rind or roots.

I became fascinated with essential oils in 2004.  I took a course over one year,  one weekend a month of essential oils training from Jane Buckle’s course  with many nurses, one doctor and several other different practitioners. As I was learning I was also using these essential oils daily.

I’ve seen the benefits of using essential oils daily.  Over the years I’ve encouraged my family to do the same. If you are looking for Natural Solutions for solving health concerns and most importantly preventing them I highly recommend these gifts of the earth.

Oils from plants have been proven to have health benefits as far back as ancient Egypt.  Research began in places like France, Germany and England.  This work continues to this day in many parts of the world.  Several universities, hospitals, research labs and private companies are studying the use of essential oils and their benefits to our health.

Essential oils have chemical constituents.  Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are subdivided into groups.  One group consisting of hydrocarbons, which are made up of terpenes, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and diterpenes.  The oxygenated compounds are the second group and are made up of esters, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, phenols, and oxides.

The chemistry behind the essential oils has always been fascinating to me.  The chemistry behind these aromatic plants have such profound affects on the body.  I have books that I use to figure out which oils are best in certain situations,  this way I don’t have to remember all of the chemistry or the uses for each essential oil.   There are also apps I can use and pretty quickly find out what I need to know.  This reassures me that I can help others do the same for themselves and their families.

The first choice I would make would be to go to my pantry on my essential oils shelf and grab what essential oils or essential oils product I know that will work for any number of things like anxiety, emotional health, digestive issues, headaches, sleep problems, viruses, bacterial infections, pain, inflammation, or hormone balance.

I have the confidence now to be able to help myself and to choose which essential oil I need at that time.  The best part is that these therapeutic grade essential oils are pure and they each have many benefits.  The company that I get my oils from goes to a great length to reassure me that the blend has the chemical constituents in it that are particularly supportive for what I am looking for.

I recommend when I share these essential oils to new users that they get educated on using essential oils.  One of the first things I suggest is to always dilute your essential oil before a massage.  1-2 drops to 1-2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil.  If you are ingesting, the essential oil has to have a supplements fact on the label in order to ingest. I use 1-2 drops in a veggie cap or on my tongue.  If you are diffusing, it depends on the size of your diffuser.  A large diffuser like the AMIR diffuser you can use up to 8-10 because it runs for 180 minutes.  Smaller ones I suggest 4 drops.  These essential oils are safe for children, but a lesser amount, check before using.

Depending on the essential oil that you are using will determine which compounds it has.  For an example the essential oil of Lavender has these chemical constituents, Alcohol, Esters, Monoterpenes, Sequiterpenes, Phenols, Aldehydes, Oxides, and Ketones.  All at different percentages. Lavender is one essential oil that probably everyone has smelled.  Lavender is helpful when you are anxious, it helps body systems balance, is great for burns.  These systems include the cardiovascular system, nervous system, emotional balance, and our skin.

Lavender is a GRAS essential oil which means that it can be taken internally and is “generally regarded as safe”  Lavender promotes healing, body, soul and spirit.  It also nurtures creativity.

How fast do oils work?  




How to Benefit from using essential oils daily.

*Diffuse essential oils in as many rooms as you can in my opinion. Maybe not all at once, but it’s nice to have them when you are in those rooms.

*Use the correct oils for internal use, those with a supplement facts label on them.

*Massage with essential oils, whether it’s up and down your arm, on the back of your neck, a foot massage or in some cases a full body massage,  do it daily and more than once as a wellness application.  Just like you eat more than once a day, essential oils are  an important part too.  I personally use essential oils throughout my day starting in the morning.  It’s amazing what a pick me up I get when I use them at different times of the day.

Essential oils are my Natural Solution for my health and my families health, along with eating right, exercising, rest and managing stress, reducing toxic load, self care and being pro active with medical care.

If you will be dedicated everyday with these lifestyle suggestions using essential oils and becoming a healthier you, you will see results.  I’ve seen results immediately using essential oils and on tougher problems like inflammation, it could take months.  Each day is important to build upon, you’ve got to start somewhere.

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